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2im was formed as the umbrella group for its sub companies which have been trading for many years to provide all customers with a total package offering complete peace of mind with a totally transparent chain of custody.


International Industrial Metals – 2im Group


Enviro Wales is the group recycler. The waste batteries are taken in by the plant, broken and separated. Each element undergoes a controlled process from which we extract 96% of what would have been TOTAL waste, and make them into new materials. These include high grade plastic pellets, salts for detergent and glass industries and FEMA approved animal feeds. And of course we get the lead from the batteries.


Once the lead has been extracted, it’s placed into the furnace to be melted and purified. When poured into the ingot tray, any remaining impurities float to the top and are simply scooped from the top layer.

Much of the recycled lead we produce goes back into making new batteries and other industries. The remainder goes to the roofing, cladding and lead specialist product industries.


When the lead has set, it’s sent to the processing plant to be milled into BS EN 12588;06 (the highest quality possible) Enviro Lead / rolled lead for Associated Lead Mills and Jamestown Metals ltd, or formed via DM Cast (Direct Method) for BBA Approved Royston Specialist Cast Lead.


BS EN 12588;06 Enviro Lead and BBA Approved Royston Cast are then made available to our extensive network of builders and roofing merchants. Enviro Lead is only available through the merchant route so ensure that Enviro Lead is specified. Our sales offices will direct the enquiry to an Associated Merchant that stocks our products including Premium Roofing Ancillaries. Providing BS EN 12588;06 Enviro Lead and Premium roofing products are used together, the installer is able to offer a 50 year warranty to their customers. This is insurance backed and provided by the Lead Sheet Association.


Further to cast lead for building which are sold via roofing and builders merchants, Royston Specialist Cast is a World leader in the processing and casting of practical and protective materials for numerous industries. With over 80 years experience in the art of forming products, Royston have built a reputation for manufacturing and supplying customers with high quality product all over the world, in time, and on budget. Royston lead specialities are specific to Nuclear, Medical, Ballast, Acoustic, Chemical and Anode coatings. These materials can be purchased direct from Royston Specialist Cast.


Lead for all 2im Distributors is from the same recycled source.

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